Jacque Cousteau and friend ?

Hi from Steve and Karen Edwards, this is us. We met as teenagers around 1973, 40 years later we are still together having shared many, mostly, highs and a few lows. We  are  not quite sure why we are still together and others not but we try not to think about it too hard on the basis of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Some things we do know, its not down to luck and we still make each other laugh 🙂

Steve worked as a Senior IT manager for the NHS at Gloucestershire Hospitals and Karen as an administrator at Steppes Travel, Cirencester. Karen left them after 9 years to go on the trip, Steve took a planned career break, but within a month of returning from South America opted for early retirement as with a new sense of perspective it’s time for to look at all the other things he wants to do with his life.

The blog will be primarily about our South American trip and for friends and family to track our progress and keep in touch during our 6 month exploration of South America from November 2012 to June 2013 but also to share our images and experiences with anyone who cares to look.

This is the trip we are taking: http://www.odysseyoverland.co.uk/south_america_explorer.htm

The official trip blog is here :  http://odysseyexplorer2012.blogspot.com.ar/ and some fellow travellers blogs for another perspective :

Anthony : http://anthonydturner.blogspot.com/

Duncan : http://duncandisorderlyandhisminder.wordpress.com/

Francois : http://pacogoestravelling.blogspot.com/

Heather : http://heatherwanderstheworld.blogspot.com/

Lisa :  http://lisashinnick.blogspot.com/

Sue : http://lawsonmansions.blogspot.com/

Tony :  http://tonyhays50.blogspot.com/

For Steve and Karen this trip is largely made possible by a legacy resulting from the all too premature death, of our beloved Eileen, Steve’s sister. We feel it would be entirely wrong to use this “to just pay the bills” and rather we are determined to do something exceptional and life affirming to reflect the spirit it was given in. So whilst embarking on this adventure is undoubtedly a little ‘bitter sweet’ we are nonetheless determined to make it memorable in the most positive fashion possible.

Eileen would be entirely supportive of us doing something we really want to do even if it’s the last type of trip she would choose for herself. This as her definition of “roughing it” would mean “no 24 hour room service”  – being as she was more a 5 star hotel and champagne on ice kind of person :-). You can read a little more about Eileen on this page  – Eileen – or just enjoy the photos and the blog.

Steve and Karen Edwards June 2012.

Lyrics to  Life in the Old Dog Yet (Celtic Thunder)

1st Verse

In my time I’ve been a few places and I’ve many a story to tell.

Here I am still as strong as I’ve been all along,

I’m not ready for heaven or hell. There are people who do need remindin’

That I’m still the boss around here.

I still call every shot and I’ll tell you what’s what

And what’s not, do I make myself clear?


I’m not ready to roll over I’m still the daddy of them all,

I’m still the top banana

They still answer when I call. I’m older, yes but I’m wiser

And they’d better not forget I’m not ready to roll over,

Cause there’s life in the old dog yet.

2nd Verse

You can put an old head on young shoulders

My advice is the best I can give

Let them make their mistakes let them fight for their breaks

Let them learn how to love and to live. I’ve only got the one daughter, time she married a man of her own

And the one I have planned has got plenty of land,

She’ll be grand and I’ll stand all alone.

Chorus 2x



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