Brasilia and stuff.

Most important fact – tummy fine! Karen really enjoyed her walk from Lencois covering various pools – one that looked the colour of tea due to the naturally occurring tannin, she swam in various pools which is a welcome relief from the heat – sorry for those shivering back home but its typically 35 degrees plus or minus here.

There were also some clear pools where you could snorkel and see the fish, some of which returned the favour with a mostly gentle nibble but the occasional nip!

A wander through a 1km long sandstone cave was also magnificent with lots of interesting rock formations and the inevitable stalactites and stalagmites and some interesting commentary from the excellent guides.

Highlight of the day was undoubtedly the mountain top sunset after a 40 minute drive and a steep 20 minute climb. Steve gutted to have missed the photo opportunity but an excellent day all round – well worth the slightly stiff knee! Slept like a log.

Fri 15th. On the road again heading for the northern Pantanal and Brasilia. We bush camped in a small plantation, nice spot and an excellent dinner.

Sat 16th. Arrived in Brasilia at a campsite in the “ camping sector”. Like all new cities Brasilia is over planned and somehow lacks soul. It works and has some interesting features but ultimately cities need to evolve to become human.

Sun 17th. We picked up a local guide and had a whistle stop tour of the highlights, a square church with gorgeous stained glass walls, the cathedral, JK memorial (founder of Brasilia) and the ancient and somewhat rickety tv tower for some great views.

Yet another stadium being built for the world cup in 2014, this is causing mixed emotions amongst the locals as there is a feeling that improving healthcare, transport system should perhaps take a higher priority.

We found a cracking spot for a bush camp and had the bonus of seeing an amazing lighting storm in the distance; it went on for hours but thankfully didn’t reach us.

Mon 18th. Pete’s birthday and started with a fried breakfast of egg and bacon rolls, absolutely delicious! A long day driving and unfortunately ended with us being the first vehicle behind a nasty accident, a motor cyclist hitting the truck in front of us. Mikkel provided immediate first aid and the other professionals on the truck provided a bit of situation management as the local crowd of 30 or so were more interested in taking photographs of the guy lying in the road.

Tony – former policeman – told me the truck had definitely gone over the guy and it seemed unlikely he would make it – all I can say is the ambulance left with its lights on so I hope he made it. Understandably a very subdued atmosphere ensued on board.

The 2 hour delay meant a change of plan from a bush camp to a hotel, which was welcome but for an unfortunate reason.

We had to cancel our planned visit to the Pantanal as the rain had turned the main (dirt) road in into an 80km foot deep mud bath. Instead we headed north via a small town of Nobres and continued to our planned destination of the Chapada Dos Guimares National Park. 3 nights at a charming campsite to chill and we thoroughly enjoyed our 2 days of walking the park, swimming at the foot of waterfalls and enjoying the scenery.

Fri 22nd. Having a couple of beers in the bar we have made our own the last few days and contemplating our next long haul to Porto Velho our jump off point on the Rio Madeira, one of the major tributaries of the Amazon.

We are going to spend 3 days on the river and then another 3 days in Manhaus or on a jungle trek – not decided yet. But definitely offline for the duration 🙂

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