There is little to write about the Galapagos as it is truly awe inspiring but it has to be experienced to understand it.  If you get the chance you should go, we feel amazingly privileged to have made our 2nd visit.

Having said that go for the right reasons, the wildlife, the scenery the historical importance to the world and not merely to sunbathe and swim – more appropriate to Acapulco or a dozen other beach resorts than the Galapagos.

Darwin viewed from shore.

The format of these days is as previously, boat is a hotel and sails between the islands over night and there is an itinerary for the day typically a morning and afternoon visit, on this trip there was also daily snorkelling which was great and Karen was delighted with her investment in prescription goggles as she could actually see below water!

A particular highlight was snorkelling Devils Crown, a jagged volcanic caldera poking out of the water and the shoals of surgeon fish, sharks – yes sharks – turtles and rays just below the surface is literally like opening a window on another world. Fantastic.

This trip was shorter than the last so only covered the southern islands so we didn’t get the chance to see red footed boobies or tortoises outside of the breeding centre, none the less if anything we enjoyed this trip even more than the last.


Jacque Cousteau and friend ?

16 took over the good ship Darwin, the service, food and organisation superb, the naturist guide Omar particularly good. Francois had a separate trip on another boat (as we had filled Darwin) and did get to the more northern isles to the animals above as well. He had particularly good snorkelling and saw hammer head sharks to make some of the keener divers envious.

Another fantastic few days and 900 photos to sort (after ditching the technically poor).

Next stops Banos and Cuenca.

Many thanks to Tony Hays (even though he’s currently a gloating manc) for the underwater shots.

Galapagos photos here.




Galapagos Itinerary

Thu. AM Arrival in Baltra and transfer to boat
PM Santa Cruz: Bachas Beach
Fri. AM South Plazas Island
PM Santa Fe Island
Sat. AM Española: Gardner Bay
PM Española: Suarez Point
Sun. AM Floreana: Baroness Viewing Point / Post Office Bay
PM Floreana: Cormorant Point / Devil’s Crown
Mon. AM Santa Cruz: Charles Darwin Station
Transfer to the Baltra airport


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  1. Simon Clark June 6, 2013 at 9:36 PM #

    Just spent a very pleasant hour reading you blog guys. What an awesome trip!! Sell the house and come back!!

    We leave Cuenca for Bogota tomorrow….

    Simon & Sue

  2. admin June 7, 2013 at 8:43 AM #

    It’s tempting ……. Colombia was one of the surprises. Really enjoyed Cartagena, Medellin and the Colombian people.

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