Leaving Salvador

Thurs AM. Happy Valentine’s Day, Although not for Oscar Pistorius facing a murder charge after his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp is shot dead, apparently by him. It never fails to amaze me that people who have obtained every possible advantage mange to screw up their lives ever more bizarrely.

Saw the Liverpool v West Brom game Monday, first I have seen since being away and of course they lose at home after total domination for 80 minutes, it is indeed “through the wind and the rain” currently. Never mind there is always next season.

We went to old town to see some of the more local carnival, meeting up with a few of the group and had an entertaining evening with some light alcoholic refreshment. Tuesday we went back to Old Town for the day with Lisa and Heather for a wander through the shops and an exceedingly nice lunch at the restaurant recommended by the rest of the group from the night before. Karen with grilled salmon and I had the pasta, mushroom and shrimp. Delicious.

Ufortunately as its a public holiday some of the public monuments we wanted to vist were closed, so we took the elvator 70 metres down to the market square for a mooch. Much the same tourist junk you see everywhere although there was a couple of stalls selling bags, hats and clothes – including shorts which form part of the de rigeur outfit for young Brasilian ladies accompanied by a bikini or crop top and flip flops – decorated with or made from recycled ring pulls. Glad to see all that beer has some other uses:-) We bought a couple of Olodum decorated souvenirs, a new baseball cap for me (can’t have too many) and a Tee shirt for Karen.

Who wears short shorts ?

By the time we were done the carnival groups were starting again and so we stayed for another couple of hours as the music and atmosphere is infectious. Home about 6pm tired but very happy and had the bonus of a ready meal in the form of the leftovers from the girls whose chile con carne was bigger than they had expected.

A couple of them went out again to see the last night of Carnival which they said was disappointingly quiet, we opted for a bottle of red and the packing ……


Recycled Man

It was a nice relaxed end to our Salvador visit and we are sorry to leave after an excellent week of entertainment, food and drink.

Wednesday was a run up to Lencois which is in the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park and a place famous for its waterfalls, caves and wildlife. Karen has gone off for the day on a tour of said scenic delights, I was going but a gippy tummy persuaded me best to stay in camp for a quiet day. Only lunch time, but thankfully seems to have been a “one off, eaten something that disagreed with me” rather than the bug which has laid a few of the group low for a few days.

Here’s hoping.

Salvador Photos Here

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