Motoring Colombian Style

Colombia has been an unexpected delight in many respects, however one thing it has in common with the rest of South America is an apparent disregard for any sensible driving standards.

This is particularly true of the 125 motorcycles which are everywhere, undertaking, overtaking there is no load too big or too fragile to be carried by motorcycle. Three on a bike is common, we have seen 4, although that was in Venezuela, the samples on the photo page were all taken within 15 minutes at a single road junction so these are entirely typical of what you see on the road.

Family Outing

The way some of the children are carried is truly frightening; e.g. facing backwards on someone’s knee, we have seen pillion passengers riding side saddle and although there is one photo of someone carrying a tray of eggs I did see a pillion passenger carrying at least 20 trays of eggs.

The more colourful side is the many private buses operating in Cartagena, highly decorated and complete with their own hawkers touting for business to the general public.

A loud horn is the essential driving accessory and is used often, mostly for no apparent reason but certainly if overtaking, waiting at traffic lights, approaching pedestrians especially if said pedestrian is young, female and pretty.

Next Blog update will cover Cartagena, Medellin, Manzales, Salento and Popayan although this maybe after we get back from the Galapagos islands, around the 16th of April……….

Health and Safety






Cold beer calling, rest of photos here.

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