JSP Me and Kelvin – The Truth!

This is a piece by Janet Street Porter from the Independent on Sunday. I can’t normally abide the woman but this is an interesting and I very much suspect wholly accurate description of  Kelvin McKenzie at his arrogant, disrespectful to anyone worst.

“Me and Kelvin – The Truth ! Janet Steet Porter”

“For 23 years, the former Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie says he feels he has suffered unfairly for writing an offensive front page at the time of the Hillsborough disaster. Writing in The Spectator, Kelvin whimpers that he’s been vilified for a simple mistake: repeating a report from a reputable news agency, whose version of events, following two inquiries and the inspection of 400,000 documents, has now been utterly discredited.

Other newspapers carried versions of the report, but Kelvin feels he has been singled out unfairly – he can’t go to Liverpool, the police watch his house, he regularly receives insults and threats. It has taken an awful lot to get Kelvin to apologise – his half-hearted apology was a disgrace.

It’s a bit rich for pig-headed Kelvin to complain that he’s being picked on, because that’s how a lot of people (not just celebs) feel after Kelvin and The Sun picked on them, usually for the most spurious of reasons. I’ve had a lot of experience.

When I worked as a BBC executive in the late 1980s, The Sun printed a picture of me and a horse, and asked readers to decide who was uglier. A Sun columnist repeatedly printed completely inaccurate viewing figures for my work and trashed it, in spite of the BBC providing accurate data.

Another columnist said he was tempted to run over me in the street. When I worked at Live TV, Kelvin was brought in to set up a sports channel. He would roam my office, asking me which women were lesbians. When I left the company, signing a confidentiality agreement, Kelvin (bound by the same agreement) phoned journalists to trash me and regularly rubbished me in speeches.

When I edited this newspaper (after running a BBC department with a budget of around £35m) he took to the stage at the Press Awards and rubbished me as an amateur. I’ve done nothing to warrant years of being pilloried by Kelvin, except be a smart, successful woman who finds him a bore. So, if Kelvin can’t go to Liverpool, I’m not weeping. If he was such a good journalist, why did it take 23 years to listen to the people of Liverpool? “

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