The Adventure Begins – Almost

28th November 2012. The adventure begins. Almost. We should be on the road today but for one slight problem – Truck not yet cleared customs!  Pete and Kirsten, the crew, have been here since the 12th waiting and must be frustrated as hell.

They have been brilliant in sorting out an alternative, hotels instead of the planned camping and a plan to get us going and the Truck catch us up by the weekend. It’s all part of the adventure!

Only 18 more hours

The revised plan is that we are going to have an extra day in BA and take a scheduled coach to our first stop Puerto Madryn on the Valdes Peninsula where we should get our first major exposure to wild life such as sea lions, penguins, armadillos and with any luck some whales.

Yesterday (27th)We had a nice walk in the park between the harbour and the coast with Colin and Jane which took a couple of very hot hours, followed by a late lunch of Empanada’s – little pasties that come in a host of flavours for about a £ each. 3 of those and a bottle of cold Quilmes (the local lager) – job done.

Back to the hotel for a small siesta and our first group meeting at 5pm as the last 4 members of the party flew in and everyone re-located to the same hotel for departure, there is great anticipation in the group and its beginning to gel nicely as following a group dinner the banter around international sporting rivalry started to flow. Probably just as well we don’t have any Spaniards in the group as they are currently winning everything!

Dinner was at a locals restaurant – steak speciality of course – Karen and I shared a ”super beef” and half of it was still the biggest steak Karen has ever eaten.

Tomorrow is a return to Caminito, some supplies shopping whilst still in the city, change some US $ for AR $ ( a task in itself, and a post on another day) and re-pack our bags for the next leg.

Steve 28th Nov 2012

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