Wedding Anniversary no 37

We always enjoy the time we spend together and having had a week to relax and get into the holiday mood was perfect preparation. As is often the case our fairly unplanned day turned into a really good day.

In the morning we went back to Caminito with Colin and Jane who hadn’t been before, we got there slightly early which is nice as the streets are quieter and its easier to take photographs but doesn’t give quite the same “buzz” as when  it’s in full flow.

Have to say the Buenos Aries bus system is great except for one small fact you can only pay with coins (its 2 pesos) and there seems to be a national conspiracy to deny foreigners access to small change! In fairness it is also possible to buy a prepaid card but hardly seems worth it for the odd journey.

We left Colin and Jane at lunchtime for lunch, more excellent empanandas. Had a siesta and as we couldn’t find anyone else headed out to Plaza de Mayo to take some photos of Casa Rosa (Pink House) which is a major government building and illuminated at night. Plaza de Mayo is a focal point for protest in Argentina – some protests have been running continously for 30 years or more – and true to form a protest was being held – a pro Abortion march. In truth the atmosphere was a little intimidating with the riot police lined up in front of the Cathedral and Casa Rosa but once the march started and several thousand people noisly left the square to the sound of samba drums the atmosphere palpably lightened.

One bonus was the ceremonial lowering of the flag at 7pm. Protest or no protest this appears to be a daily event.

When the sun goes down………

I messed about taking the night shots of Casa Rosa and then we headed back to the hotel with the intention of having a private feast with a bottle of wine and some nibbles from local supermarket. However we passed an interesting looking bar / restaurant – La Poesia – an “arts cafe” which turned out to have a great atmosphere.  Our timing was impeccable, half empty when we went in, rammed 15 minutes later. Then the piano player turned up, starting with an Argentinean version of “Wonderwall” and it turned into a really great evening.

Ordering was the normal mix of our shamefully near non-existent strangled Spanish and much pointing – all good fun. We had some mini bottles of champagne because the table next to us did, and the food was excellent I just had a burger but it was freshly made and huge, Karen a beautifully made salad.

Technically it was the evening before our anniversary but with the time difference we snuck in, especially as we knew Thursday was a long day travelling. All in all a really good day – actually like most of the days of our marriage.

We are now 1300 KM south of Buenos Aries at Puerto Madryn, ready for first serious day of wildlife spotting including Karen’s favourite pastime, a boat trip, this time whale watching.

Click here for a few more photos

Steve 29th Nov 2012

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