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Tia Sharp and Eva Rausing

Tia Sharp. Where to start, once more a young child appears to have been let down by those closest to her. Ever since my children have been small there seems to have been this increasing paranoia about “stranger danger” with the result that our children lead increasingly constrained lives in terms of their childhood and freedom to grow. Yet inevitably in the very great majority of these horrific cases it is someone known to the child who is the evil doer – compounding their crimes by the ultimate betrayal of trust.

As a nation we need to care for our children in a more collective fashion. One of the joys of a previous visit to South America was witnessing the gratitude of a young mother when our male guide who gave her young child a cuddle in the minute it took her to reach him as he howled from a minor scrape. In the UK it has got to the point where as a male you have to think twice before offering assistance as you are as likely to be met with deep suspicion (or worse) as thanked.

Then there is the case of Eva Hausing, born with every conceivable material advantage, staggering wealth, education, connections in high places and more. A hopeless drug addict, found dead in her home after two months. What I find so unutterably sad is that apart from her completely waste of space husband is that someone in her position could apparently be missing for two months before events came to light. Apparently no family or friends close enough to care she hadn´t been seen for weeks.

Two families from opposite ends of the social scale – equally dysfunctional in my opinion. And lastly when it comes to the inevitable inquest, it is not the fault of the social services (or whatever public body is criticized) that these tragedies occur rather it is the totally inadequate people the victims happen to so unluckily encounter.

Rest in Peace Tia and Eva. I sincerely hope that some lessons can be learnt and taken on board.


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